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A house with tradition

Hotel-am-Turm_Geschichte5Hotel am Turm (formerly Hofbräuhaus) is a house with a varied history. The hotel is family owned since 1912 and is now managed by the fourth generation of family Lombardini.


After the First World War, the building known as “Zum Hofbräuhaus” was a hostel for young craftsmen. In 1928 the bowling alley was torn out to make room for the beer hall.
During the Second World War, the location have been occupied by the Federal Railway Board as accommodation for their employees. One year after the war, the inn was renovated and reopened.


In 1954 the building was overhauled with extensive construction work. The beer hall of the inn was extended to a second level and changed to a hotel. Eventually the rear buildings were included and further guest rooms were added on.


Every once in a while, the hotel was renovated piece by piece to meet the needs of its guests.
Today, in addition to comfortably outfitted rooms, the hotel offers modern technology, such as wireless internet connection throughout its facilities. The last renovation took place in 2006 where the front facade was renewed.

The hotel remains to be what it should be: A modern location with a long tradition.