Moving in the wonderful scenery of the Allgäu

Here you will find information about the diverse hiking routes and bike tours, which will give you the impressive landscape and history of our region in a vivid way and bring the wise closer ...

The tour in the most beautiful corners

The Allgäu is becoming the number 1 pleasure cycling region in Germany - with the Allgäu cycle tour, the stage cycle route classified with four stars by the ADFC. The cycle tour takes you on a circular route through the whole of the Allgäu.

With this 475-kilometer route, the Allgäu has succeeded in creating a completely new route. In contrast to well-known river routes, this is not about a tour from one point to the next, but about literally cycling through a region with its stories, personalities and different landscapes.

The route, stages, locations and hosts can be found here and also under this Link

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Steam locomotive circuit: around 80 kilometers of cycling fun

The Ostallgäu Tourism Association has combined the routes into a route that is around 80 kilometers in length and is signposted throughout. Depending on your mood, condition and weather, you can cycle the tour in one, two or three days. There are good places to stop for refreshments and overnight stays along the route.

  • Route: Kaufbeuren - Osterzell - Ingenried - Burggen - Lechbruck - Steinbach - Marktoberdorf - Biessenhofen - Kaufbeuren
  • Road conditions: 96 percent asphalt, 4 percent gravel agricultural and forest roads
  • Length: 77 kilometers

Steam locomotive circuit as PDF

Cycle Path Elbsee - From Kaufbeuren to Paradise

With its dark brown moor water, the Elbsee is a small paradise in the Seemoos nature reserve and is one of the most beautiful spots in the Allgäu.
Lead from Kaufbeuren two routes to the Elbsee:

  • The southern route from the city center via the train station Kaufbeuren, Ebenhofen,
    Immenhofen to the Elbsee - length: 16 kilometers
  • The northern route from the city center via the train station Kaufbeuren, Ebenhofen,
    Ruderatshofen to the Elbsee - length: 14 kilometers

Follow the Elch markings in the direction of the Elbsee and in the direction of Kaufbeuren the tower and marking on the cycle path signs.

Elbseerunde as PDF

The Klosterrunde in the Ostallgäu cycling region

Experience nature, be active and consciously pausing - the Kloster Runde leaves nothing to be desired and combines places of relaxation with cultural sites. For example, the Oggenrieder Weiher invites you to swim.

The historic old town of Kaufbeuren, with its many sights, museums and shops, is also a worthwhile destination. The Franciscan convent of St. Crescentia with the beautiful Klosterberggarten. Here you get an insight into the history and everyday life of monastery life.

The Irsee Monastery, a former Benedictine abbey, is today the conference and education center of the Swabian district.

  • Route: Kaufbeuren - Biessenhofen - Apfeltrang - Friesenried - Eggenthal -Baisweil - Irsee - Kaufbeuren
    Length: 48.5 kilometers
  • Nature of the path: 82 percent asphalt, 18 percent gravel agricultural and < br> Forest roads
  • Difference in altitude: 440 meters

The meadow tours

From Marktoberdorf to Eglofs | Meadow Walker Route (438 km)
The Meadow Walker walks through the hill country in the north-west or through the terraces in the north-east of the Allgäu. He prefers easy paths and encounters drumlins, old moraines and moors. The meadow walker tends to run longer stages.

You can find more information here

Crescentia Pilgrimage Route

The Crescentia Pilgrimage Route leads over almost 90 kilometers as a circular route from Kaufbeuren via Mindelheim and Ottobeuren back to the starting point. The route is based on a route that Saint Crescentia is said to have covered during her time as a nunnery in Kaufbeuren. The flanking places also played an important role in her life.

The path offers a concise triad of impressions, that of the beautiful Allgäu landscape, important works of art and inner contemplation based on the example of the holy ones Crescentia is determined.
In order to show the life of St. Crescentia, panels were set up along the pilgrimage route. They vividly reflect her life - from her birth in 1682 in the Kaufbeurer Neue Gasse to her death in 1744 in the Crescentiakloster.

Further information can be found here

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